Contemporary Finds

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in a 2nd show at the Ice House Gallery in Evanston, IL entitled “Contemporary Finds”! The art reception is on May 4th from 5-8pm. This exhibit seeks to “challenge themes of perception, texture, and what can be considered art.” My first experience exhibiting here was amazing; I had my own display wall with 20+ of my pieces featured resulting in several being sold! I hope to see you all there.

Ice House Gallery Exhibit

I am very excited to invite everyone to the Featured Artist opening reception of my exhibit at Ice House Gallery in Evanston, IL.

I would like to thank Hannah Litvan of Ice House Gallery for this wonderful opportunity to show my art.

 I hope to see you there!

Great news to start 2019!

My artistic journey has been incredible. It’s my pleasure to announce two exhibits I am in this year.

I will be the featured artist for the month of March at Ice House Gallery in Evanston, Il.

Secondly I have been selected for an exhibit at the Harold Washington Library Center from August 18 to September 28.

More details to come.

VCFA Portfolio Review

A few months ago I submitted my portfolio for a free review by the faculty of the Vermont College of Fine Arts. I am very pleased by their response which is below along with the two pieces mentioned in the review. 

Dear Salvador,

 Thanks so much for submitting your portfolio and artist statement.  The MFA in Visual Art program at VCFA, now celebrating our 26th anniversary as the first low-residency program of its kind, prioritizes a substantial level of discourse within our wide-ranging community, which values every artist’s own experience and practice on his or her own terms.  Our faculty is deeply invested in maintaining a rigorous critical and creative environment and because of this, it made strong sense to open that conversation to a larger audience.  

The faculty committee was thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with your work.  They note that “your work adopts Surrealist strategies in both painting and assemblage. In addition, your practice is one of refined intuition, where you elaborate on “faces” found in accidentally painted surfaces, or on the enigmatic model-numbers found in bits of manufactured material. This process of finding, collecting and assembling is prevalent in the work of an artist like Louise Nevelson and some of your pieces, such as Stated Purpose and Chicago Winter View, definitely evoke Nevelson. One area for future development is to combine the intuitive approach to making with research, such as diving into Pareidolia – the psychological phenomena of finding unintentional familiar patterns, especially faces! Strengthening the partnership between your process, aesthetics and conceptual structure will add even more dimension to your work.”

 We invite you to consider further opportunities to engage with our unique and dynamic program and are so glad that you participated in this initiative.   

All of my best,

Danielle Dahline